Goal Setting Tips – When we have deviated, how do return to our goals?

What comes to your mind with these astute words from Paulo Coelho, “One Day or Day One?”
I came across these wise words while browsing the home deco department of a retailer. It jolted me to physically pause. As I read these words over and over, my mind went back to the early days of this pandemic and my life’s assessments. Then, I had written what my focus should be to bring more meaning into my life and what legacy I wanted to leave behind. Since then, I have continuously examined that list as they remain true.
I sense with all the uncertainty we faced and still do, some of you had similar reflections. Like me, I also sense some folks have incomplete goals or they lack a start date for whatever reason(s).

How can we restart? A few suggestions:

1. CREATE CATEGORIES OF YOUR PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL GOALS. Keep them simple. I have four (4) buckets: Career & Finances, Personal Development, Relationships, and Health & Beauty. The last is more than being vain as research shows our appearance is important when meeting others. 🙂

2. Ask yourself, WHAT SINGLE ACHIEVEMENT NOW would positively spread to other areas?
a. What TASKS are involved? Work through the details to answer the next question.
b. Who and what RESOURCES will you need to achieve this goal? The right support around you should get you faster to your goals.
c. STARTING TODAY, what ONE (1) ACTION, however small, will nudge you closer to your goal?

3. MONITOR YOUR RITUALS. For each goal, I create a monthly tracker in Excel with each task. Then, each day, I check off what I got done. If you don’t complete a task on a particular day, that is okay. Get back up, and quickly, without beating up yourself.

4. Facilitate a Masterclass with a group of supportive individuals who have specific goals they want to accomplish. You keep each other accountable on your progress and motivate each other to succeed.

Bonus Tip: I write a DAILY GRATITUDE JOURNAL on all the good I experience that day. I suggest you do too, pausing and reliving those positive experiences. As Dr. Rick Hanson teaches, LET YOUR GOOD EXPERIENCES SINK INTO YOU to build resources for low days.
I’d love to hear of the challenges you may be facing to reach your goals. And your tips for keeping yourself motivated to reach your goals.

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