Burnout & How to Help Yourself

Burnout Tips: Yoga, which rids one of woes, is accomplished only by him/her who is Regulated in diet and recreation, Regulated in performing actions, and Regulated in sleep and wakefulness. The Bhagavadgita: Chapter 6, Verse 17

Have you heard of Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI)? It is the leading measure of burnout in the workplace and was developed by Dr. Christina Maslach, Dr. Susan E Jackson, et al.

There are six (6) domains associated with burnout in the workplace.

  1. Lack of Control.
  2. Insufficient Reward.
  3. Lack of Community.
  4. Perceived Lack of Fairness.
  5. Conflict in Values.
  6. Work Overload.

Pause to reflect on each one. How is each one contributing to your own burnout?

If you are experiencing signs of burnout, how can you help yourself?

  1. Remember the emotion wheel? Use it to pay attention to your emotions.
  2. Take care of your health – diet, exercise, recreation, relationships, and sleep.
    • Pause multiple times during your day to practice a few quiet minutes of mindful breathing.
    • Learn to set healthy boundaries.
    • Spend time in nature.
  3. Schedule and Track your Daily Activities. Use my free weekly scheduler and refer to Are you Tracking your Daily Rituals for guidance on tracking your activities. Included is a sample of rituals I track that may trigger ones you should track.
  4. At the end of your day, write 10 things you are grateful for. Pause to reflect on them to give yourself another opportunity to embody them.
    • Remember the words of psychologist and author Rick Hanson, “our mind is like Velcro for negative experiences and Teflon for positive ones.” Hence, we should keep choosing to (re-)experience the good we have in our lives.
  5. Seek help – A combination of a career coach, colleagues, family, friends, and a therapist.

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